Mystic River Utility Box

Mystic River Utility Box

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Mirror, mirror… Our small storage box adroitly solves your party and unique storage problems. At one-third the size of our large buffet, it’s perfectly proportioned for small patios, balconies and intimate gatherings. Found also at dock and pool-side.

Two together offer ample presentation space for group festivities; separate them for drinks and raw bar. They’re easily movable for  outdoor or indoor use. Now who’s the cleverest of them all?

Optional shelf available (used on top) increases work surface. Can be used with ice tub inserted or without. Shelf stores inside unit when not used.

Delivered Ready to Assemble.

Warranty: teak for life, cedar three years under normal use.


Dimensions :
29.5″ h X 27.5″ w X 21.5″ d
22.5″ h X 24″ w X 16.75″ d (inside)
41.25″ (buffet open)
26″L X 19″d (footprint)

$560 - $1,000 $560 - $600

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Evolution of Brookbend’s teak storage box. The notion of unifying a storage box for cushions with an ice chest was born out of discovering products in the market having different purposes, but in themselves not efficient. Combining them led to the economical solution of one footprint serving multiple functions. Initially the proposed larger product had two lids rotating from front to back, which were rejected in favor of three lids to distribute the lid’s weight. And lids folding out left and right would offer greater utility and enable one side of the box to abut a wall. Ultimately the entire product was designed around ice tubs. In time shelves were suggested by customers wanting greater space for food preparation. The evolution was completed upon specifying a water-proof cover which would not hide the box’s stunning looks, and which would uncomplicate traditional covers, most being very inconvenient to use.

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