Nantucket End Table

Nantucket End Table

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Walk the gardens that spill down to the ocean from the finest homes on the East Coast and you’ll sometimes catch a glimpse of mysterious Oriental steps, make out a glint of Japanese bronze, or be charmed by the scent of pink cherry blossoms bowing over an old bridge.

The Asian influence has captured the imagination of seafaring captains and merchants for hundreds of years, and so it seems fitting that the Nantucket side table should bring to mind that graceful heritage, echoing a pagoda in its flowing legs and understated curves. Note the embellishment in its subtle bowed top.

The table is the perfect height for all our chairs and benches.

Delivered Ready To Assemble.

Warranty: teak for life, cedar three years under normal use.




$180 - $280 $175 - $180

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