Premium Grade Cedar or Teak

The Brookbend collection is unique in offering a selection of two different price levels for the same designs. This is achieved with real teak and less costly premium western red cedar stained a teak color. We are the only supplier of cedar furniture made in fine designs and neither the cedar nor teak product is available elsewhere.

The cedar is of the finest quality used to craft the Brookbend lines, specifically because it is free of knots and has a straight grain, which discourages warping and cracking of the furniture when the wood is exposed to weather. Cedar and teak, unlike other wood is not prone to rotting and can be left outdoors all year-round, making for extremely easy management and almost no maintenance. The best testimony to cedar and teak outdoor endurance is their popularity in patio furniture, fences, gazebos, siding, garden arbors and boats.

Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil

Brookbend’s cedar furniture is pre-stained. The teak furniture is not stained. Brookbend uses Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil ™, a high-grade formula consisting of Tung and natural linseed oils, to create a complete and water-resistant finish that demands no attention or additional maintenance. These ingredients lend luxuriant color, depth and dimension to the furniture enhancing its quality and producing a look that works wonders for the urban aesthetic taste. Once stained, Brookbend furniture will not turn grey. The grey coloring is achieved by leaving our products unstained.

Furniture Construction

Many competitors claim mortise and tenon joinery – but how good is it? You’ll be impressed by the tightness and exacting fit of our furniture’s parts. Stability is fortified with our system of ingenious interweaving pegs. Our bolt fastening inserts will not loosen as they expand and clamp into the wood when engaged.

Each piece is designed in a manner that does not leave screws or other hardware open to the eye. Upon assembling of the furniture, all bolts can be sealed with mahogany plugs, which are provided with the piece. Brookbend employs waterproof glue (not water-resistant), meeting specifications that exceed those of any competitor.

5-minute Assembly (if not Pre-assembled)

Our furniture is either shipped fully assembled or ready to assemble. Check this on each product page. The Brookbend range of outdoor furniture makes for easy assembling, taking no more than a few minutes, using only an Allen wrench provided. The process completely does away with gluing.

All chairs arrive in four parts (the seat, the back, and two arm/ leg pieces). Dining tables are four legs and a top. Merely screw the provided bolts into the threaded inserts already in the frame. Mahogany plugs are provided to cover bolts. Detailed assembly instructions are provided for your convenience.