The soul feeds upon beauty, and the mind upon wisdom.

Those are the two themes around which every piece of Brookbend furniture is crafted: the beauty and luxury of fine craftsmanship and detailing, and the intelligence of sturdy materials, comfort, and economy.

From the beginning beauty and wisdom would be the touchstones of Brookbend. The answers to both would be found in the designs of a former Ethan Allen executive, who was convinced to create Brookbend’s first range of outdoor furniture.

When a finishing process was found that perfectly imitated the rich tones so treasured in teak furniture, Brookbend knew it had something special. Brookbend set out to create furniture that could cater to an up-market fashion sensibility without compromising on comfort and while offering an exceptional value. It was only later that we started offering our cedar designs also in real teak.

As a result, Brookbend manufactures impressive cedar patio furniture that emulates the traditional beauty of teak furniture for a fraction of the cost. While also offering identical designs in real teak. Smooth wooden benches, patio chairs and patio tables offer beauty for your home and if you want, wisdom for your wallet.

Our furniture is either shipped fully assembled or ready to assemble. Check this on individual product pages.

Brookbend’s collections ship anywhere in the USA and Canada. Write us to discuss particulars with shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.